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Beautiful female mask
Both Lisa and Wendy masks are made from foam latex. The thickness is about 1-2mm. They are very stretchy. They can be stretched to 2 times bigger. They can be easily put on. Please be careful about sharp object and snail when putting on.

Two Sizes
Lisa mask is for smaller head or snug fit. Wendy is for bigger head or loose fit.

Vision and Breath
Both eyes of mask have 10mm holes. Both noses of mask have about 6mm holes.
The mouth is closed. However you can cut mouth open by yourself.


  • If you are allergic to rubber, latex and other types of polymers, please stopping using our masks.
  • You will use both nose holes to breathe when you wear our mask. Please carefully adjust the nose position to make breath smooth. If you feel breathing difficulty in our mask, please take off immediately. We don't recommend long time wearing our mask.
  • Our masks are not toys for kids. Please keep them out of reach of children.

We are looking for distributor and resellers.
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